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Toppings for Cocktails / Recipes


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Cherry Mojito
20 ml of cherry syrup of Sweet-madam ® TM, 5 ml Mojito-syrup of Sweet-madam ® TM, ? of lime (3 slices), 14 -16 mint leaves, soda, ice-cube and crushed ice. Gently mash lime and mint in the syr
Tomato Cocktail Spicy
15 ml of spicy syrup of TM Sweet-madam®, 5 ml of orange syrup of TM Sweet-madam®, 3 slices of fresh ginger (cut into strips), 25 grams of red bell pepper (diced), 100 ml of tomato juice, 25 ml of fres
Soda with Syrup
20 ml of syrup of TM Sweet-madam® at your choice or their combination, 180 ml of soda, ice-cube. Mix the ingredients in a glass with ice. Topping is at your choice (peel of citrus fruit, berries,
Cold Flavoured Tea
20 ml of peach syrup of TM Sweet-madam®, 10 ml of almond syrup of TM Sweet-madam®, 20 ml of fresh lemon juice, 150 ml of cold black tea, 2 slices of orange, mint, ice-cube. Mix the ingredients in a g
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