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Toppings for Cocktails / About Company

About Company

Shafran Elit Company was founded in 2008. We have developed a special regional pricing policy that allows much more expanded sales through a reasonable combination of the interests of all the structures, i. e. wholesalers, networks and retailers. Now the products of Shafran Elit Company are sold in almost all the regions of Ukraine. High quality of Shafran Elit Company’s products at a very reasonable price allow us winning new markets, without losing old ones. Sweet Madam Brand has become known all over Ukraine within a few short years. Shafran Elit Company’s profile includes production and sale of toppings, jams, fillings and syrups for confectionery, dairy and bakery products.

You may wish to get to know our products in detail.

Fruit and flavouring sprays with fruit pieces, which are intended for decoration and enrichment of the useful properties of ice cream and other confectionery products are known as toppings. Saffron Elite Company will help you to select and buy only high-quality toppings; all the products are made from high-quality natural materials. Toppings are very convenient to use, because they keep the shape of the pattern made on products and emphasize their unique taste. Typically, toppings are packed in PET bottles with a capacity of 0.600 kg. To date, there are fourteen types of toppings on sale.

Professional syrups-toppings without fruit pieces are intended for cocktails, shakes. Syrups-toppings make the taste and flavour of fruit salads, coffee, ice cream, pancakes more vivid and distinct.

Moreover, Shafran Elit, LLC manufactures fillings-jams, that are also used as additives (fillings) in ice cream, yogurts, cocktails, cake cheese, confectionery and bakery products. The products are generally packed in plastic food buckets of different capacity: 10 kg, 25 kg and 1k g.

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