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CARAMEL topping – has a universal taste, many people like the flavor of "caramel" since childhood, and the aroma of caramel is often associated with the variety of drinks, as it is often added to coffee and hot chocolate.
CARAMEL topping, from Sweet Madam brand, is a gold standard of culinary and an excellent addition for ice cream, cakes, cocktails and a variety of desserts.
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Interesting fact:

  • Sweets, similar to modern caramel, were made about 3 thousand years ago in Greece and China. They used to boil the barley molasses to get lean sweet cakes. The word "caramel", derived from the Latin "cannamella", in translation means "sugar cane".
  • Caramel is cooked by heating the sugar with water in a copper boiler to a certain temperature, then it is poured into molds and after cooling it is cut into portions.

Weight: 600 gr.