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BLUE CURACAO topping has an extravagant bittersweet taste of rare oranges with a fantastic bright blue color.
BLUE CURACAO topping, from Sweet Madam brand, is a gold standard of culinary and an extravagant complement for ice cream, cakes, cocktails and a wide variety of desserts.
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Interesting fact:

  • A blue drink is made from dried peel of a special kind of bitter orange – “laraha”, which grows exclusively in the Caribbean.
  • Laraha is not a local Caribbean fruit, its ancestor is the Valencian orange which was brought to the island by the Spaniards in 1527. It is impossible to eat Laraha, but its fragrant peel is used in cooking.
  • The Laraha plantation on the island of Curaçao has only 45 trees, which yield no more than 35 kilograms of zest per year. Fruits are picked by hand, still unripe, and the peel is cut only with a wooden knife, so as not to affect the taste.

Weight: 600 gr.