Bar syrup ROSE

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ROSE SYRUP, just as the flower it is based on, has always been one of the most popular syrup compositions. Affectionate, sweet, fragrant, with a fruity note, attractive and exciting at the same time, ROSE SYRUP has a wide range of applications. After all, roses are invariably bewitching not only with their beauty, but also with their amazing aroma.
ROSE SYRUP has a deep rich color and is endowed with an elegant aroma, just as roses, which are the most wonderful, flawless and fragrant flowers that have become a symbol of love, romance and affection all over the world.
The smell of ROSE SYRUP, from Sweet Madam brand, embodies refinement, sophistication and fragrance of real flowers.
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Interesting fact:

  • In Persia roses were cultivated because of their beauty. The poets called Persia – "Gulistan" (land of roses). From Persia roses were brought to Ancient Greece, and later to Rome.
  • In ancient times, roses were dedicated to the gods. During the heyday of the Roman Empire, there was a sharp rise in the deification of the rose. Newlyweds were decorated with roses; victors were awarded them; the dead and gravestones were showered with them.

Volume: 0,7 liters