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MOJITO MINT SYRUP – this product of has a bright green hue and an intense fresh mint flavor. Ideal mint coolness is the main characteristic of this syrup. The syrup is endowed with sweet and sour emotion, which emphasizes lime and mint overtones. Sipping a refreshing cocktail is the best way to quench your thirst on a hot, languid, summer day.
The smell of MOJITO MINT SYRUP, from Sweet Madam brand, conveys the aroma of original mojito, covering main notes of lime, mint and sugar.
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Interesting fact:

  • Sir Francis Drake was proclaimed a hero in England after he assisted in defeating the Spanish armada, he was later knighted by Elizabeth I. However, to Spanish he was known as a merciless pirate - El Draque. Supposedly, he is the author of the cocktail “Drak”, which is considered a predecessor of Mojito.
  • The creation and age of Mojito are both a mystery, but some researchers claim that it was invented in the 16th century, which makes it one of the oldest mixed drinks produced.

Volume: 0,7 liters