Bar syrup KIWI

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A pleasant taste and rich flavor are the key ingredients of KIWI SYRUP. A thick and bright drink has a sweet taste and a unique green color. Its flavor, in conjunction with other drinks, provides an unusual and unique taste.
The smell of KIWI SYRUP, from Sweet Madam brand, is an integral part of many bar cocktail compositions. KIWI SYRUP notes can be both dominant and complementary in various different cocktail ensembles. The flavor of kiwi is always bright, invigorating, and pleasant; it blends perfectly in many fresh compositions.
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Interesting fact:

  • Despite its hairy peel and large size, kiwi is actually a berry. Some experts recommend including a few kiwi fruits in the daily ration to prevent stress buildup, depression and to support the nervous system in case of excessive overload. In ancient times, the Chinese emperors used it as… an aphrodisiac.

Volume: 0,7 liters