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GRENADINE syrup – is perfect for various drinks, as it allows to achieve a completely unusual taste. GRENADINE syrup has a scarlet color, a mild taste and a sweet-tart fruit flavor.
GRENADINE syrup for milkshakes and soda, from Sweet Madam brand, is designed specifically for making mixed drinks from cream or milk, as well as lemonades.
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Interesting fact:

  • Pomegranate is one of the most legendary heraldic symbols. For example, the coat of arms of Spain depicts the lands that are part of the state. Andalusia symbolizes the cracked pomegranate. But, this symbol is not Spanish, because the Spaniards from the 8th to the 18th century waged an aggressive war for the right to own the Iberian peninsula. The pomegranate was the emblem of the Granada Emirate, the last Arab state in Europe. After the Spaniards conquered Granada, the symbol passed to them.

Volume: 1 liter