Bar syrup AMARETTO

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AMARETTO SYRUP is a brown viscous drink that preserves the traditional taste, reminiscent of marzipan, which is immediately recognizable by the bitter taste of almond and vanilla. AMARETTO SYRUP perfectly complements coffee or various coffee collaborations, is certainly applicable for creating numerous cocktails, both hot and cool. Many confectioners use syrup to make culinary masterpieces, adding syrup to various baked goods and desserts.
Smell of AMARETTO SYRUP, from Sweet Madam brand, is multifaceted and specific, which allows the aroma to dissipate in pleasant components introducing aromas of herbs and spices.
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Interesting fact:

  • The original amaretto, Amaretto di Saronno, originates from the Saronno region of Italy. The first amaretto appeared in the 15th century, and it undoubtedly stood the test of time - now the true amaretto is called Di saronno Originale Amaretto.

Volume: 0,7 liters